Tek Pool Service is Las Vegas Pool Service

Tek Pool Service is a Las Vegas Pool Service Company. Tek Pool Service is Licensed, Certified and Insured. We also carefully screen our service techs and preform background checks.

Las Vegas Pool Services

  1. We provide a weekly, quality service
  2. Never suffer from a dirty pool 
Never suffer from algae
  3. Never suffer from chlorine spills
  4. Protect your investment with our professional service
  5. Protect the health of your family
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Questions about Your Pool?

Let us worry about your pool with our weekly 11 point checklist:
  1. Skim Pool Surface
  2. Vacuum Pool
  3. Brush Pool
  4. Clean Skimmer Basket
  5. Clean Pump Basket
  6. Test Chemical Levels
  7. Document Test Results
  8. Inspect Pool Equipment
  9. Adjust Chemical Levels
  10. Brush Pool Walls
  11. Save a History of Your Pool Records